Jewish Religious Artifacts

Below this introductory text are a range of items used in Jewish worship at a progressive synagogue in the UK.

They include photos of the Torah scrolls used during worship and the decorative coverings that keep them safe when they aren’t in use. Other religious artifacts used in worship both in public, at the synagogue, and at home when among close family, are also displayed.

These items include the shofar horn (usually of a ram) blown during services on certain holy days. As well as the synagogue’s distinctive Menorah candlesticks which are lit for Hanukkah. The photos also give a sense of what it is like inside a progressive synagogue.

Key Jewish religious items found in a synagogue


Inside a progressive synagogue


A series of commentaries on the Jewish religious artifacts, the interior and design of the progressive synagogue and progressive Judaism more generally, can be listened to here.

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