Judaism is one the world’s oldest monotheistic faiths, tracing its history back at least 3,000 years. The Jewish faith is characterised by its belief in a single, unitary all encompassing God. God’s relationship is with the world and his people-the Jews-as such he is a outward looking and engaged being deeply concerned with the actions of humanity.

This makes Judaism as a religion keenly focused upon believers relationship with God and deeply attuned to seeking the workings of God in the world. Judaism has not had a central religious authority since ancient times, however, there is broad agreement among Jews as to what constitutes the kernel of their faith. Since the 13th Century Mamonides’s Thirteen Principals of Faith have generally been considered canonical in this regard.

The pages below provide a visual guide to some of the ways in which Judaism is practiced and thought about in the UK today.


View from the lectur across the main hall
Singers Hill Synagogue, a large Victorian synagogue in central Birmingham



Sabbath Items
Jewish Religious Artifacts from a progressive synagogue



The Holocaust Centre - Nottinghamshire-65
Photos from The Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire


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