Buddhist Pagoda, Ladywood

Ladywood’s Buddhist Pagoda, the Dhamma Talaka Vihara, opened in 1998 by Edgbaston Reservoir on the south eastern edge of the city centre. Constructed to a traditional Tibetan design, it is the only vihara built in a traditional manner in the western hempishere. The Sangharama Buddhist Monastery opened alongside it in 2002.

The vihara and associated monastery are dedicated to the teachings of Aggamahapandita Rewata Dhamma. Dhamma constructed the site to hold relics belonging to the former Buddhist royal family. In addition to the relics, housed in the building’s distinctive golden dome, the building also contains a fragment of the Berlin Wall demolished in 1989. The fragment of the wall is retained as a symbol of peace, unity and the overcoming of division.

External pictures of the Vihara


 Inside the Vihara


Religious Artifacts in the Vihara


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