Christianity is the world’s largest religion in terms of number of adherents. A monotheistic faith, it was founded nearly 2,000 years ago in Palestine in what is today Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

Christians believe in one all powerful God and that he has three discrete parts to him. The Father who created the world and remains its supreme spiritual authority and master. The Son, who took physical form as Jesus-Christianity’s principal prophet-reaffirmed the way to God to humanity, was sacrificed and then resurrected so as to show it is possible to overcome sin. And the Holy Spirit, God’s active presence in the world today which serves to motivate and guide to work of Christians in the world today.

Christian faith and practice is focused upon the idea that mankind has strayed from God’s path. It believes that God’s path and a spiritually healthy existence can be returned to through embracing Christian teaching and practice. This means that a lot of Christian worship and ritual, as expressed in their services and church buildings; is rooted in the idea of humanity returning to God’s side.

The pages below provide a visual guide to Christian worship in the UK today.

EOC Interior 4
Edgbaston Old Church, a medieval parish church in Birmingham



SPC_exterior 3
St. Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham’s baroque cathedral



Front Chancel
St. John’s Church, a modernised parish church in Ladywood near central Birmingham



View Down the Chancel to the Altar
St. Catherine of Siena Church, a modern Roman Catholic church near central Birmingham



St Marys
St. Mary’s Church, a traditional parish church in Beighton South Yorkshire
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