Islam, which originated in what is now Saudi Arabia in the 7th Century, is the world’s second largest monotheistic faith. The word Islam translates as “voluntary submission to God”.

Muslims believe that their faith is the final development of the monotheistic tradition that began with Judaism and continued to develop as Christianity. In Islam Jesus is a prophet second only to Mohammed (the founding prophet of the Islamic faith) in his significance.

Like their fellow Abrahamic monotheists, the Jews and the Christians; Muslims believe that God is everywhere and that his works are expressed in all things. Accordingly Islamic belief and practice is heavily focused upon promoting adherence to the values and coda of the faith, through which Muslims believe that they develop unity both with each other and with God. Muslims believe that it is though study, reflection and improving your practice as a Muslim that you grow closer to God and obtain salvation and liberation.

The pages below provide an illustrated guide to Islamic worship in the UK today.


Entrance to Birmingham Central Mosque
Birmingham Central Mosque, a large purpose built inner-city mosque



Prayer Leaders Seat
Green Lane Mosque, community mosque in a converted building


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